Tactics For Sustained Weight Loss: Michael Greger, MD

Entrevista en inglés en el Podcast de Rich Roll al Dr. Michael Greger, autor de “Comer para no morir” (“How Not To Die”), hablando sobre su último libro “How Not To Diet” y la ciencia detrás de la baja de peso basada en la evidencia y muchas cosas más:

Tactics For Sustained Weight Loss: Michael Greger, MD | Rich Roll Podcast

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0:00 – Introduction
2:22 – How Not to Diet Lecture
4:42 – What Does the Study Say?
18:10 – A Psychological War of Dieting
22:03 – Dr. Greger’s Efforts to Educate
30:35 – How Not to Diet Book
38:44 – Intermittent Fasting
42:19 – Dr. Greger’s Plans for Next Books
44:20 – Low Carb, High Meat Diets
46:54 – Unhealthy Vegan Foods to Avoid
51:28 – How to Kickstart Weight Loss
56:29 – What Dr. Greger Eats in a Day
59:44 – Gut Microbiome Health
1:06:34 – The Effects of Sitting
1:11:52 – What About People Who Struggle to Lose Weight?
1:13:49 – The Illusion of “Moderation”
1:22:04 – Our Healthcare Rewards Bad Behavior
1:27:39 – Nathan Pritikin’s Work
1:31:03 – Closing Remarks

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